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J.J. Hardy took on the wind and the rain with this fly ball and the wind and rain won

Weather wreaked havoc on Opening Day, requiring the postponement of multiple games, some alternate travel plans, and a delay in the Twins-Orioles showdown. Even when the game was underway, it at times resembled being played in the middle of a Biblical flood. 

And while that made for some fun at-home viewing, it was probably less fun for the players involved. Especially J.J. Hardy.

In the bottom of the second inning, Hardy hit a deep fly down the left-field line against Ervin Santana. At first it looked to be foul into the seats, with Hardy not even following the ball's flight. But as the wind continued to behave like it had a mind of its own, it grabbed the fly, making it look destined for a home run, before another gust sent it farther toward center. The flight required the Twins' Eddie Rosario to make one of the stranger catches you'll likely see. 


If you want another visualization of just how far the ball drifted, here is an artist's rendition: 


Hardy may have had a chance of winning the battle against Santana, but against the elemental forces of nature? That was never going to turn out well. While the weather won that battle, the O's would go on to get the 'W' in the standings with a 3-2 victory