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When not hitting home runs, Joc Pederson balances the universe by stealing them

Joc Pederson balances the universe by stealing HR

Life is a series of checks and balances: Good and evil; darkness and light; the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches. 

Add Joc Pederson to that list. 

The outfielder, who routinely smashes baseballs out of the solar system and leads all rookies with 17 home runs (six more than the second place Steven Souza) had not gone deep at the time of writing in Wednesday's game against the D-Backs. That simply meant it was time for him to add a negative home run to his ledger. 

In the top of the third inning, the Dodgers were leading the D-Backs 4-1 when Yasmany Tomas came to the plate with two on. The right fielder hit a line drive to deep center, probably thinking he had tied the game. Only problem? Dark-Matter-Pederson was in the outfield and he was going to bring this one back. 


Yin meet yang. The universe is balanced. 

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