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Joc Pederson slips, falls, gets up, probably cracks cold fusion or something, makes diving catch

Joc Pederson slips, gets up and makes diving grab

Joc Pederson has made things look pretty easy in his first full year in the Show, whether it's covering a small country's worth of space in center or hitting baseballs into the stratosphere.

Not wanting to expose his baseball career as an elaborate cover for his identity as a post-human cyborg sent to protect humanity, Joc decided to make things a bit more difficult for himself Monday night in Chicago -- when Anthony Rizzo sent a fly ball to center, Joc took his first step back and lost his footing in the process.

Except, well, he somehow went and made the catch anyway, because of course he did:

Pederson slip catch

Joc Pederson: So preposterously good, he can't even pretend to fail. 

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