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Joe Beimel comes out of the Mariners' bullpen, quickly learns he wasn't called on

Being a member of the bullpen can be great, but it also means a whole bunch of down time -- that's how you end up with things like duct-taped gloves and the consumption of a truly inconceivable number of cheesesteaks.

So, after a couple hours of shenanigans and sitting around, it's understandable that relievers would be antsy to actually see the field. Just one piece of advice, though: Please, whatever you do, make sure the manager has actually called on you before you run out there, lest you end up like the Mariners' Joe Beimel and have a pretty awkward situation on your hands. 

Beimel oops

When Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon made the call to the 'pen during Sunday's game against Texas, Beimel took off toward the mound -- before looking up about halfway there to realize that McClendon wanted someone else entirely. Or, hey, maybe he just wanted to get in a little exercise. Or maybe we've gone full Blade Runner, and Beimel is actually a replicant who unwittingly announced his presence to the world. We want answers, Seattle!