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Joe Girardi played film critic on the Yankees' day off before ALDS Game 5

Just what did you think Joe Girardi had stuffed into those binders he loves -- just information on pitching matchups and whatnot? I mean, sure, there are those, but it looks like he probably has a collection of unpublished film reviews in there if his news conference before Wednesday's Game 5 of the ALDS presented by Doosan at 8 p.m. ET is any indication. 

After admitting that he had watched a film on the team's flight to Cleveland to relax, Girardi told the press that he had watched the military dog movie, "Megan Leavey." 

"It's an outstanding movie if you haven't seen it," Girardi elaborated. "And I know I'm not a movie critic. I do like movies. I don't see a ton of them, but I think it's outstanding and it's a little bit emotional, too."

We can only hope that the movie poster features this information in the future: 


Hopefully we can count on Girardi to provide us with a movie watch list this offseason. Based on this recommendation, we're going to assume "Marley and Me," and "Cujo" will be on his list, which means you better keep the tissues nearby.