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Joe Kelly will 'probably' never know if he could pitch with a beard like Brian Wilson's

The 2013 MLB League Championship Series are full of beards. In Los Angeles there's Brian Wilson, in Boston there's the entire #GetBeard crew, and you've even got Prince Fielder in Detroit, who sports a trim goatee at the moment but has owned some epic whiskers at other times.

St. Louis isn't bereft of hirsuteness -- they do have Jason Motte, for instance, even though he's been rehabbing from Tommy John surgery all year -- but their identity isn't as tied to beards as some other teams. Starter Joe Kelly's beard is respectable but modest, and as he explained at a press conference Wednesday, even that took him a couple of weeks to grow.

So will he ever know the joy and/or itchiness and/or added magical strength that comes with pitching with a beard like Wilson's? Kelly said that, considering he doesn't grow facial hair very well, he will "probably never know." Emphasis mine. He left the door of possibility slightly open. And if it took him several weeks to grow what he has now, he should be able to get a huge one after a half-decade or two. Here's hoping he gives it a shot.