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Joe Smith's wife's bracelet stole March Madness

Joe Smith's wife's bracelet stole March Madness

While Joe Smith hung out in the Angels bullpen on Saturday, his wife, CBS Sports' sideline reporter Allie LaForce, took over March Madness.

While interviewing Bruins forward Tony Parker following UCLA's victory over UAB in the NCAA tournament, Parker complimented LaForce's jewelry, saying, "Nice bracelet, by the way." 

Naturally, that became the talking point of the afternoon. If you weren't on Twitter, let me summarize the roughly 80,000 tweets:


The wave of social media frenzy got LaForce to show off the piece:

As for Smith, he entered in the eighth inning of Saturday's game against the Giants and pitched a perfect frame. Though, as far as we know, no one complimented him on his attire.  

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