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Right before hitting a grand slam, Joey Votto attempted to shoo a bird away who was interrupting the game

Joey Votto never ceases to amaze us. On Tuesday night, Votto watched an impressive slider delivered by Matthew Boyd. And while that didn't pan out the way he wanted, he redeemed himself in his next at-bat with a grand slam. But not before having a small encounter with a bird.

In the bottom of the third with the bases loaded, Votto attempted to shoo an adorable little black bird away after the umpire called time -- he wasn't that successful. The bird wasn't being super cooperative.

"I was going to scare it off, but I was like 'I didn't want PETA on me,'" Votto said in a postgame interview.
It appeared the bird was too comfortable with its surroundings -- it was hanging out in the outfield with Adam Duvall as well.
"He was hanging out a little bit," Duvall explained.
Votto wanted to be clear that we don't 100% know if this was a female or male bird -- and he made a good point asking Duvall. "How do we know it was a guy."
He's right -- Votto's right.
During the grand slam, when Votto crossed the plate, he paid homage to the bird by flapping his wings:

"I shouldn't have done that, that was silly," Votto said. "I felt like I wanted to thank it in a way. You have to try and have fun and sometimes a bird gets involved and helps you out."