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Baseball's leading movie critic, John Axford, premiered his first film on Sunday

John Axford's first film premiered on Sunday

We already know that John Axford is a movie buff. After all, the reliever with the historically great mustache, has gone 49-for-57 on his Oscar picks from the last three years. Pretty good for a guy who spends most of his days having to work out instead of hiding away in dark movie theatres. 

With the season now over, Axford was able to unveil his latest project (and no, it's not a brand new pitch that the world has never seen before). At the Hamilton Film Festival in Ontario, Canada, Axford unveiled his documentary "If It's Not Something, It's Something Else" about the Canadian rock band, The Reason. 

Axford executive produced the film that started as a look at the band's 10th anniversary tour and quickly transformed into a "biographical telling of a band's struggle to survive from beginning to seemingly end."

From an early peek, audiences seem to dig it.

But one of the biggest challenges for filmmakers is how to follow up on their first projects. So if Axford is in need of ideas, he is free to use any of these. We're not here for the platitudes, we just want to see these made: 

The Bullpen Chronicles: Sure, it may seem like hanging out in the bullpen is all fun and games, but one day reliever Dan Haxford realizes that there's something hidden directly under the bullpen dirt. Sneaking into the stadium late at night, the hearthrob reliever soon learns that there's an ancient treasure buried under the mound. Only problem: This treasure is protected by an evil spirit, who wants to keep the team from winning the World Series.

Mr. Mustache: This semi-biographical picture is about a pitcher whose mustache is actually a magical creature who tells him what to do every day.  

The Living Stadium: Inspired by his time with the Rockies, a university researcher discovers that there is a baseball stadium that is blessed with sentience -- as it's not actually a stadium, but rather an alien spacecraft from the planet Zorx1n. Which also explains why so many home runs fly over the fence. Can this scientist return the stadium to its rightful owners and stop the homers from ruining so many pitchers' ERAs? 

Call us, John. We'll do lunch. 

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