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John Cena defends the Royals on Monday Night RAW

John Cena defends Royals on RAW in Kansas City

With The Rock recently paying tribute to The Captain, the Giants playing for the World Series thanks to some inspiration from former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley offering his baseball/wrestling expertise on MLB Network, the connection between baseball and professional wrestling is undeniable.

People's Exhibit 4,829: Monday Night RAW was LIVE! in Kansas City this week and -- when a "LET'S GO ROYALS!" chant broke out during the broadcast -- world-class heel and hilarious internet meme Randy Orton was quick to lash out:

"The Royals will not win. They will never win. You've got at least another 100 years. In your lifetime, you will not see your precious Royals win when it matters."

Oof. Can you tell he's from St. Louis?

This being professional wrestling and all, it was only a matter of time before a notorious face emerged from the tunnel to defend Kansas City's honor. 

Enter: John Cena

Yup, he gets it. 


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