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John Jaso crushes homer against Orioles that literally still hasn't come down yet

Jaso's home run defeats gravity

Some players can hit baseballs close to 500 feet, others (well, mostly just Evan Gattis) can knock one over the wall with one hand. But not many, with the exception of John Jaso during Thursday's Orioles-Rays game, break gravity with their powerful dingers:

OK, well actually, the ball got stuck in Tropicana Field's C-ring catwalk and was thus ruled a home run. It's the fifth time in the stadium's history that a ball's been caught up in the roof. The most recent player to do it was David Ortiz on this day seven years ago. 

But let's face it, we all know what really happened. The ball was confiscated and offered up to the catwalk gods by the TROPICANA FIELD GREMLINS!

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