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John Ryan Murphy scored a run a while the ball bounced directly off his helmet

John Ryan Murphy was on his way from first to home after Didi Gregorius shot a double to left-center field during the fifth inning of the Yankees game against the Rays on Saturday. He was minding his own business, as much as anyone trying to score his team's first run of the game can be minding his own business. He was, probably, a little preoccupied with concern over being thrown out, since he'd opted to try to stretch out a run instead of holding at third. But he kept his head down and charged onward, toward Rays catcher Luke Maile waiting at the plate.

And then a baseball came soaring overhead.


Again, Murphy was just trying to score a run. His head just happened to be attached to his body at the precise moment he was crossing the plate, at the precise moment the throw came in, and so the ball bounced directly off his helmet. 

We're pretty confident that Murphy wasn't trying to bounce the ball of his helmet as he scored, but it's certainly worth some style points.