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While watching 1995 World Series tapes, John Smoltz STILL feels like he struck out Jim Thome

On Monday night, MLB Network's John Smoltz and Jim Thome were reviewing clips of the 1995 World Series between the Braves and Indians. They mostly centered the conversation around one at-bat during Game 3, which, you know, featured the two of them. Smoltz walked Thome during the matchup, but as you can see in the emotional GIF below, Smoltz feels like he got robbed of a strikeout. Even 23 years later, the passion is still there:

Fortunately for Smoltz, the Braves still ended up winning the Series, 4-2. Check out the entire back-and-forth in the main video atop this post -- it's always fun hearing what goes on inside the heads of Hall of Famers in these high-pressure moments.