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Listen to John Smoltz tell a story about the time he passed gas while golfing with Arnold Palmer

Smoltz passed gas while golfing with Arnold Palmer

John Smoltz, 21-year MLB veteran and Hall Of Fame electee, is pretty good at golf. He's golfed professionally, making a start on the Nationwide Tour in 2011, and he's played recreationally -- Tiger Woods called him the "best amateur golfer" he's ever seen. But when Smoltz stopped by MLB Central on Friday morning, he revealed one of his secret golf tactics: passing gas.

It slipped out during a game of "Start, Bench, Cut." Smoltz was asked to decide between Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer -- he started Nicklaus, because he's never played with him before, and he benched Woods, because "You can't cut him." He cut Palmer, because, well, here's Smoltz's story:

"I'm going to have to cut Arnie, unfortunately. … There was a little accusation that was made of me with Greg Maddux, when we got a chance to play with the king. … He was 20 yards ahead, and I had a little issue where -- how can I put this? -- I made a little noise while I was just sitting there. And Arnie chunked one."

"Wait a minute -- was it a gastrointestinal noise?" Matt Vasgersian asked.

"It was, yeah. … I didn't know how to quite put that. And Mad Dog always tells me that I was the cause of him chunking one in the fairway. Which is not true. He couldn't have heard it."

Watch the video above for more Start, Bench, Cut goodness featuring Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends and various Harry Caray impressions. And, of course, to hear John Smoltz tell a story about passing gas. 

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