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'Johnny Football' tries out being 'Johnny Baseball,' for one ceremonial first pitch anyway

2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel -- also known as "Johnny Football" -- was in attendance Sunday evening to see the Texas Rangers take on the Los Angeles Angels.

The Texas A&M quarterback did not only come to watch the game; he threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland. Moreland, who attended Mississippi State, witnessed the phenom himself when the Aggies played the Mississippi State Bulldogs this past season.

Before the ceremonial first pitch, Manziel spent time with Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan. When asked what advice Ryan game him, Manziel said, "Don't bounce it -- everyone, every single person said that. I haven't been that nervous since the Heisman."

Based on the high pitch, we can determine that "Johnny Baseball" might not be as spectacular as "Johnny Football." When asked if he played baseball, Manziel said, "I played middle infield in high school, and had a few offers to go play baseball." Manziel considered playing baseball for the Aggies this past summer, but ultimately decided to remain just "Johnny Football."

--Austin McLaurin / Real-Time Correspondent