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Jon Lester admits that he should have 'missed' his hole-in-one

Lester admits he should have 'missed' his hole-in-one

Golf is supposed to be hard. Jon Lester makes it look easy.

Last week, while playing with former Major Leaguer Eric Hinske and current big leaguers Evan Longoria and Travis Wood at Arizona's Estancia Club golf course, Lester shot a hole in one

At a news conference on Friday, Lester admitted that his shot wasn't quite the amazing display of skill one might assume from a hole-in-one, saying,  "I missed it by about 20 yards and it kicked dead left and it rolled in. It's not how you draw it up." 

And did he buy drinks for everyone afterwards? Absolutely not. Said the new Cubs ace: "I went with Hinske up here to Estancia. And it's his club, so everything went on his tab." 

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