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Jon Lester thanks almost everyone on the planet after signing with Cubs

After being traded or signing with a new team, a player will often put an advertisement in the newspaper or send out a tweet thanking all the fans that have supported them over the years. Brett Lawrie did it, Josh Donaldson did it, and Nick Markakis just did it

After signing with the Cubs, Jon Lester decided to do things a little differently. Sure, Lester still took to Twitter to say goodbye to the Boston fans and city where he won two World Series titles: 

But that's not all. Lester risked severe finger discomfort and a light eyeball strain as he spent over three hours making sure each fan who reached out to him felt heard. Seriously.

This is just a small fraction of what his timeline looks like: 


But Lester didn't simply hit Ctrl+V on "Thanks" a couple hundred times. He offered good luck on a final: 

Absolved people of their internet sins:

And even offered up some helpful spelling and grammar tips: 

And before you get too sad, Red Sox fans, just remember that you'll always have the memories: 

If you want to read all of the roughly 82,000 messages (give or take), check out Lester on Twitter @JLester31