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Jonathan Lucroy will attend State of the Union address as guest of Wisconsin Senator

Back before the 2014 All-Star Break, it seemed like Jonathan Lucroy was getting a bit political as the team began a negative ad campaign to help Lucroy earn an ASG nod over division rival Yadier Molina of the Cardinals. Apparently, he was: It's seven months later, and now it's been announced that Lucroy will attend the State of the Union address next week as the guest of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

Sen. Johnson released a statement explaining that he and Lucroy share common interests and a focus on supporting our nation's troops:

"Mr. Lucroy, the all-star catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, has become a hero to Wisconsin sports fans with his excellent performance on the field. But to me, he is an even bigger hero off the field. He is using his baseball fame to highlight some great Wisconsin charities."

Lucroy is heavily involved in charity work and dedicates a significant amount of his free time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and organizations that provide support for those who serve our country.

For his part, Lucroy seemed absolutely giddy about the experience:

"It's not about political affiliation," Lucroy said. "But am I interested in politics? Yes, and this is a thing that not a lot of people get to experience, so why not go and experience it? I'm going to be able to go tour some stuff that people don't get to tour, and see some things most people don't get to see.

"I love history, so why not go and do it and get to tell my kids about it?"

He will spend two days in Washington as Johnson's guest before traveling to Milwaukee for the Brewers' annual fanfest on Jan. 25.

Now there's only one thing left to figure out:


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