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A baseball got stuck inside Jose Abreu's glove, continues to play mind games

Baseballs are playing with Jose Abreu's head. Two days ago, a ball leapt into the air and over Abreu's outstretched arm to avoid the confines of his glove.


But then, during Friday's White Sox-Indians matchup, a baseball did the exact opposite. When Abreu fielded Abraham Almonte's grounder, the ball refused to leave his glove. The ball clung to the webbing of Abreu's glove for dear life; he couldn't even shake it loose. Only when he pulled with all his might did the ball relinquish its place inside the leather.


So, which is it, baseballs? Do you want to be inside Abreu's glove, or not? Enough of this will-they-won't-they tension. These are baseball games, not romantic comedies. However, if you want to hear my pitch for a rom-com set inside a ballpark, I have a spec script for a "Fever Pitch" sequel I can show you.