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Jose Altuve pretended to give away A.J. Reed's first MLB hit

Astros rookie A.J. Reed snapped an 0-for-16 streak to start his big league career in Friday's 5-0 win over the White Sox. He singled in the top of the fifth inning for his first MLB hit, much to the joy of the Minute Maid Stadium crowd:

Now, put yourself in Reed's shoes. If you just made your first mark in MLB, you'd want every piece of memorabilia from it, right? Then you'd better hope prankster Jose Altuve isn't around. When the ball made its way to the Astros dugout, Altuve got a hold of it, and then …

OK, OK, he didn't really throw Reed's first hit ball into the stands. He switched it out with a different ball and tossed that one to a fan. But he meant to make Reed sweat a little.
"I switched the ball really quick and threw it in the stands, just to make him a little nervous," he told's Brian McTaggart. "It's always good to have a guy get his first hit in the MLB. I was there rooting for him and encouraged him to get the hit, and when he got the hit I was really happy."