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Jose Bautista has no time for John Danks' balk, just wants to hit a double

Jose Bautista ignores balk call, hits a double

Baseball can be a brutally difficult game. You know the old adage: Fail six or seven times out of 10, you're still an All-Star, and even then there are plenty of 0-for-4's along the way. Hits don't come easy, even for the greats. 

So, when presented with the opportunity for a double during Tuesday's White Sox-Blue Jays game, Jose Bautista wasn't going to let anything get in his way -- not even starter John Danks balking as he delivered the pitch: 

Bautista balk

No, we weren't sure this was a real rule either. But apparently, balks called during the delivery of the pitch are a bit like playing the advantage in soccer: If the outcome ends up being advantageous for the offense, play continues, and if not, the balk is enforced. Had Bautista's hit been tracked down in center field, the runners would've simply advanced, and Bautista's at-bat would have continued. The more you know!


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