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Jose Bautista hit the first home run off Wade Davis in more than 700 days

Bautista hits first homer off Davis since 2013

Well, Wade Davis allowed a home run on Saturday. 

It has been a long, long time since that happened. So long, in fact, the Royals were the Kansas City Monarchs and the year was 1930:


Just kidding, it was Aug. 24, 2013, when Ian Desmond launched a two-run shot. But still -- Davis went 125 2/3 innings without a batter sending one of his offerings out of the park -- the 12th-longest such streak since 1914, and the second-longest since 1979. And then Jose Bautista went ahead and ended all that.

Down two runs to the Royals, the Blue Jays entered the eighth inning facing Davis. That's the Wade Davis who had allowed just two earned runs the entire season, who hadn't allowed a home run in nearly two years. So yeah, beginning a comeback against Davis was a tall order.

Leading off, Bautista already had one homer on the day. He decided he wanted one more, Davis' streak or not.


But Davis regrouped quickly. He had to reset his "X Days Without Allowing a Home Run" counter back to zero, sure, but he set down the next three batters (including a scare from Edwin Encarnacion). Greg Holland came in for the ninth to do his thing, and the Royals prevailed, 7-6

We'll see everybody back here July 2017 for the next dinger off Davis. Until then ...

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