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Jose Bautista launched the first homer of the postseason and made sure to admire his work

In Game 5 of last year's American League Division Series against the Rangers, Jose Bautista managed to redefine the idea of a bat flip -- he didn't just toss his lumber, he fired it into low orbit. Countless tributes and cereal boxes were crafted in its honor.

Luckily for all of us, Joey Bats is back for more this October. And while he hasn't stopped hitting dingers, like any great artist, he's decided to change things up a bit. Bautista hit the first home run of the 2016 postseason during Toronto's wild, 5-2 AL Wild Card Game win on Tuesday, a solo shot that broke a scoreless tie -- rather than try to flip his bat out of the stadium, though, he went with a more minimalist approach: the casual staredown/bat drop:


Be sure to tune into the ALDS, lest you miss Bautista straight moonwalk out of the batter's box or something.