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Jose Bautista and Ochocinco had a meal riding on the outcome of El Clasico

Jose Bautista, Ochocinco, wager meal on El Clasico

Jose Bautista loves Barcelona. Not the city -- the soccer team. Well, maybe the city as well, but he's never traded the shirt off his back for a municipal area in Spain. However, when he saw a fan wearing a Messi jersey at batting practice in August, he just had to have it:


So of course he was invested in the outcome of the first El Clasico of the season, a matchup on Saturday between FC Barcelona and their rival, Real Madrid. So was Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco … but for the wrong side:

Johnson agreed to the bet:

And threw in a little trash talk as well:

But Joey Bats, as he is wont to do, let actions speak louder than words. In this case, Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta's actions:

Barca striker Luis Suarez then scored another goal (his second of the game) for a final score of 4-0. So not only did Barcelona win this El Clasico, they also won Joey Bats a free lunch. That's probably the main thing they're celebrating here: 


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