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Unforgiving turf threw a wrench in Jose Bautista's fielding plans, so he improvised

There are plenty of reasons why a play could go awry. The best-laid plans of ballplayers are prone to mishaps -- it's just part of the game

The turf at Rogers Centre in Toronto presents an entirely new challenge every once in a while, and it reminded everyone just what that looks like during Tuesday's Rays-Blue Jays game. Right fielder Jose Bautista, no stranger to the confines of his home ballpark, got his spikes caught and had a bit of a stumble while fielding a single by Kevin Kiermaier, and it led to this:

This scene may have gone into the books as a throwing error on Bautista, but hey, it could have been worse. And, fortunately for him and the Jays, Tampa Bay didn't plate any runs in the inning as a result of the incident.