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Rejoice, our Canadian brethren: You can now buy Jose Bautista's bat flip on a cereal box

The greatest honor a human being can achieve are, in order: 

- Nobel Peace Prize

- #FF from @POTUS

- Cover of a cereal box

For Jose Bautista, that dream has come true. For fans living north of the border, you can now pick up a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Bautista's face, or, even better, Golden Grahams with Bautista in mid-bat flip. 

If only they came with bat-shaped spoons that you could also flip after eating. 

If you want some of the cereal, you had better hurry. The boxes are limited edition and one box is listed for $1,000 on eBay. Which is a small price to pay for baseball history, though an enormous price for sugary cereal. 

Bautista's lovely visage on a cereal box makes a lot of sense. Not only has he taken selfies with both cereals before his sponsorship deal, but he told AdWeek that cereal was an important part of his sleep prep: 

"I watch TV, make myself a huge bowl of cereal-Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms or Cap'n Crunch-and let the milk do its job and put me to sleep."

Which may be the only delicious foods he allows in an otherwise extremely strict diet that features no red meat, wine or pork. At least he can now stare into his own face while he eats it.