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Jose Fernandez shaves the head of superfan who hasn't cut his hair since Fernandez got injured

Jose Fernandez shaves superfan's head at ballpark

Sure, Marlins Man might be the most well-traveled supporter of Miami's MLB franchise, but this guy is without a doubt the most empathetic. Andres Salgado is an absolute diehard Marlins fan with a particular affinity for 2013 NL Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez.

When the Marlins had to shut Fernandez down last year so that the ace could undergo surgery on his pitching elbow, Salgado vowed not to shave his face or cut his hair until Fernandez returned to an MLB mound. Ya know, for solidarity. 

Well, it's about that time. Fernandez recently put the finishing touches on his road back to MLB with a successful rehab stint in the Marlins farm system. Ahead of Fernandez's first scheduled start on July 2, he met with -- and shaved -- Salgado at Marlins Park on Wednesday. 



The team auctioned off the opportunity to help Fernandez shave Salgado's head, with the benefits going to charity. Salgado's transformation was a resounding success, much like how he hopes Fernandez's start against the Giants will turn out.

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