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Jose Iglesias crosses county lines to field grounder, somehow fires to first for the out

Jose Iglesias crosses county lines to field ball

Thanks to some confusing zoning laws from the 1933 Detroit Zoning Commission and Silent Movie Festival, a small piece of land that Comerica Park sits on actually falls outside of Detroit's county lines*. 

On Monday night, Jose Iglesias traveled to this land, fielded a ball and somehow threw across the diamond to get the speedy Brett Gardner out at first base. 


Of course, there's also another little-known law that you're not allowed to cross county lines for the sole purpose of throwing runners out, but it's rarely enforced†. Like how in New York you're not allowed to walk around on Sunday with an ice cream cone in your pocket‡. 

*Note: Not an actual fact.

†Note: Not an actual law.

‡Note: Shockingly an actual law.

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