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Josh Hamilton gets standing ovation in return to Texas, promptly hits a double

It's been a trying year for Josh Hamilton, but things are starting to look up. The outfielder had already picked up his first hit of 2015 and made a pretty nice catch in Cleveland before making his first appearance of the year in Arlington on Thursday night.

The mood was like a family reunion as the Rangers faithful gave him a standing ovation before his first at-bat.  Powered by cheers or simply good feelings, Hamilton promptly cracked a double. It was his first extra-base hit since Aug. 29, 2014. 


Said Hamilton after the game: 

"It will be a game I remember forever, coming back and getting a warm reception. All through the game people in the stands were yelling, 'Welcome back Josh, Glad to have you back.' It makes you feel good. I hope the fans know I'll give them everything I've got."

While the Rangers would lose the game, 5-1, Hamilton would go on to pick up another hit and Texas' lone RBI in the contest. If he keeps hitting like that, not only will he be a boon for the club's postseason chances, but he'll probably get a lot more standing ovations too. 

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