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Josh Harrison took a moment to get down with his bad self while caught in a rundown

More often than not, a player caught in a rundown will eventually be retired -- for every mad escape and apparent teleportation, there are many more baserunners unable to avoid the dreaded tag. Josh Harrison was part of that silent majority during Thursday's 4-0 win over the Padres: As he advanced to third on a slow grounder to short, he thought he could catch the defense off-guard and score ... until San Diego threw home, catching him in a rundown. All hope was lost.

But Harrison would not go quietly into the night. Instead, he would go dancing -- dancing like no one was trying to tag him:


Effective? Sadly, no. But he might have etched his name into history as the first man to do the funky chicken in the middle of an active baseball game, so you tell us who's the real winner here.