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Josh Harrison's latest duck-and-dive slide came at first base and helped him avoid a tag

"Don't slide into first base," some baseball pundits and thinkers say as a general rule of thumb. That's probably decent advice in most scenarios and for most hitters, but for Josh Harrison? No way. 

The Pirates' utility man has developed a reputation for mind-bending slides on the base paths, coming up with new and inventive methods of eluding the would-be tags of fielders looking to record an out. Instead, they're often thwarted by Harrison's slipperiness.

His latest installment came in Pittsburgh's 9-5 loss to the Cubs on Friday night at PNC Park, as Addison Russell's throw to Anthony Rizzo took Rizzo off the first-base bag. Enter Harrison, who did this:


You just can't tag him out. It can't be done.