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Josh Reddick has already made two of this season's best catches

Was Josh Reddick bitten by a radioactive spider during the offseason? That's really the only explanation for the two catches you see up above.

Both are from Wednesday's Spring Training game between the A's and the Giants, and both robbed surefire homers from Michael Morse. 

That first catch looks like one of those fake viral videos you'd see advertising some athletic apparel brand:


Don't take our word for it -- let's turn to our resident ridiculous-outfield-catch expert Sam Fuld:

"The first one he made was the best play I've ever seen, on the field or as a fan or anywhere," said Fuld. "Best play I've ever seen live, and then it just got wacky with the second one. You'll never see that ever again. I just hope they had the TV cameras going, because that's going to be on TV for a while."

Don't worry, Sam -- they did:


We're not entirely sure what Michael Morse did to Reddick to deserve two insanely acrobatic home-run-robbing grabs -- maybe he's the guy who let that radioactive spider loose in the first place.

Either way, he and Reddick are old friends, and the whole thing seems to be water under the bridge:

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