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Rangers catcher/first baseman J.P. Arencibia throws 10-pitch scoreless inning

J.P. Arencibia throws scoreless inning for Rangers

They tell a legend down in Texas about the kind of ballplayer who looks like one thing but transforms into another. Sometimes, when the night gets real late or the score gets real high, you can see him stride out of the dugout, smile on his face and hope in his heart. Yes, boys and girls, he's the position player who pitches.

On Wednesday night, Rangers fans had a sighting of such a creature when catcher/first baseman/guy who cried during The Notebook J.P. Arencibia took the mound in the ninth inning against the Rays


The stories are true, they whispered, he's throwing knuckleballs. While Arencibia did pitch a scoreless inning, giving up only one hit over 10 pitches, he did not do it with knucklers:

Then he melted back into the dugout, never to be seen on the mound again.

Until, of course, he is. Arencibia is the third position player to throw for the Rangers this season.

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