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Aaron Judge's latest commercials had him perfecting his home run trot and taking his name too literally

ESPN / YouTube

The Yankees have been blessing us with many entertaining commercials leading up to Opening Day. For example, Greg Bird showed off his talents on "Role Call Idol," David Robertson taught teammates the art of "catch and release" and we learned that this is Didi Gregorius' world -- we are all just living in it. And lucky for you, Aaron Judge introduced new commercials to kick off the season.

Yep -- that's Judge getting his home run trot workout in next to ESPN's Scott Van Pelt complete with high-fives from those around him.

It makes sense. When you hit as many homers as Judge does, you need to make sure your celebrations are perfected.

He also took his last name a bit too literally by having a bailiff announce his arrival:

But when someone says "all rise," and Judge is around -- you listen.