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This Little Leaguer proved how handy it is to be a switch-pitcher

The history of switch-pitchers in the big leagues is a remarkably brief one. While there are plenty of switch-hitters, before Pat Venditte made it to the scene, Greg Harris was the first pitcher to try it at the big league level in over 100 years. 

Well, there might be another one joining those exclusive ranks in a few years. During Friday's 3-0 loss to Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean's Jurrangelo Cijntje started off throwing with his left hand. Unfortunately, after walking the first two batters, then hitting a batter, then walking another one for the game's first run, he switched to his right hand. 

All he did then: Strike out the next two batters. Watch him pull it off here. And if you want even more footage of him throwing from each side, click here

While Cijntje will need to sharpen that command from the left side if he wants to become the next big league switch-pitcher, he's got plenty of time. After all, lots of pitchers struggle with command coming out of college and he's still in Little League. 

The Caribbean will next play on Monday against the loser of Australia-Latin America, with the winner advancing and the loser heading home.