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Just because they play in L.A. doesn't mean the Dodgers are Oscar-savvy

You'd think given that they play in Hollywood the Dodgers would know a little something about movies in the running for an Oscar.

Not so much.

"With three kids at home I watch a lot more cartoons than I do movies," said pitcher Aaron Harang, and we don't think he's talking about the nominees for Best Animated Short. "Not a lot of excitement there."

And even if the Dodgers are watching movies, they're either not contending for Oscars, a few months late, or misinformed about which were nominated.

"I didn't even go see Skyfall," said Chad Billingsley, "I just saw it yesterday on Pay-Per-View."

"I really haven't seen some of the ones that everything is nominated for," said Clayton Kershaw. "Haven't seen Argo or Silver Linings Playbook or anything like that."

Peter Moylan saw at least one Oscar-worthy movie, and wasn't happy with what he perceived as a slight.

"I wish Argo was nominated because it was a fantastic film," he said. "It got snubbed as far as I'm concerned."

Moylan is right that Argo wasn't nominated for the top Academy Award - the top Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award, that is. Moylan, who hails from Down Under, can be forgiven for not realizing that Argo is, in fact, in the running for Best Picture here in the U.S.

-- Pearce Bley / Contributor to

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