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Justin Nicolino struggled with his bunting, so his team got him a giant bat to make things easier

During Friday night's game against the Dodgers, Miami starter Justin Nicolino attempted to strike a blow for pitchers everywhere and lay down a solid sacrifice bunt. It did not work out that way: 

Nicolino failed bunt

Baseball players being a notoriously forgiving and compassionate bunch -- who would never, ever commit to an elaborate month-long prank convincing someone that their teammate was deaf -- the Marlins rallied to support their pitcher, comforting him in his time of need and easing his bunt-related pain. 

Just kidding, they definitely didn't do that. Instead, they put their heads together and came up with a foolproof plan to improve their teammate's abilities at the plate -- just give him the world's largest bat:

Big bat bunt

In the interest of journalistic accuracy, he did fail to get the first couple down, but laid that beauty down the third-base line on the third try. He just needs to get warmed up, OK guys?