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Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig helpfully re-enacted the solar eclipse for anyone that missed it

(Clair, Michael)

Were you stuck inside during the solar eclipse earlier today? Did you forget to make your pinhole camera to safely view the celestial event? Then have no fear -- for the Dodgers are here to help. 
After they defeated the Pirates, 6-5, in 12 innings on Monday, Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig got together with a mystery camera person to re-enact the eclipse. It's a piece of Brechtian theatre -- eschewing costumes and reminding people they are viewing art: 

Puig clearly lives for the eclipse. Not only is his Instagram feed filled with eclipse reactions, but the slugger went 2-for-5 with the game-winning home run. Only question: was he trying to hit the ball over the fence? Or was he trying to hit to his best friend, the moon?