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Watch Justin Upton jump halfway over the wall to take back a home run

More like Justin Ups-ton: OF makes incredible catch

Home run-robbing catches have become fairly normal in our everyday baseball lives. You see outfielders reach their gloves near the top or just over the wall to make the grab (something walls have begun to fight back against). But it's on the rare occasion that a player throws half of his body entirely over the wall to rob a batter of a home run -- showing no regard for his body or gravity itself. Justin Upton did just that to Andrew McCutchen during Tuesday's Padres-Pirates game:

More like Justin Ups-ton, amiright?! AMIRIGHT?!!'s Corey Brock caught up with Padres interim manager Pat Murphy and starting pitcher Tyson Ross after the game:

"I'm saying that's the best one this year," said Murphy. "I try to watch all the great ones here and there. That was a great catch."
"Off the bat, it looked like McCutchen had a homer and he went up, probably two [feet higher than the fence] and took it back," said Ross.

I mean, that ball would've been at least two rows back at PNC Park. Upton could've high-fived the kid next to him. Listen to how shocked San Diego broadcasters Dick Enberg and Mark Grant were for the full effect in the main video. It's quite lovely.

The Pirates ended up winning the game, 3-2.

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