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Royals fan from AL Wild Card Game adopted a dog and suddenly life has meaning again

Every once in a while, something so joyous and miraculous happens on this Earth that we're reminded we don't all just live on a barren, cruel hunk of rock floating meainglessly in space. Today is one of those reminders. 

Recall the woman from the A's-Royals Wild Card matchup with the sign that read "If we win, he's buying me a puppy!", as seen in the above photo.

Well guess what ... the Royals won that game (and their next three). Which means:


The Kansas City Star reports on the "blessed event" for Katie Castan and her boyfriend: "The pooch's name is Lucy, although the couple also favor the name Rally. As in, how the Royals rallied to win that Wild Card Game." Castan told the Star that the Corgi is "the dog of my dreams" and that "we couldn't be more grateful" for the people who offered to help find her a dog after her sign went viral. 

If nothing else comes from the Royals postseason run, this is enough. The team can rest easy knowing they made one woman's -- and the world's -- dream come true. 

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