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KC's 2-0 ALCS lead makes Salvador Perez feel like dancing

KC's streak makes Salvador Perez feel like dancing

The Royals took ALCS Game 2 from the O's by scoring the go-ahead runs in the final inning Saturday, as they are wont to do this postseason. All in all, the team has to be feeling quite good about its run so far in October.

So we caught up with Royals catcher Salvador Perez for a purely hypothetical, totally imaginary conversation about the Royals' streak. But we think it encapsulates how the Royals are feeling pretty well:

Hey, Salvador, over here. Congratulations on the Royals' 6-4 win last night. We have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind. Got a second?


First off: How many games are you up on the Orioles now?


That's pretty impressive. Do you think you'll sweep the O's?


You seem confident. Wouldn't want to get too cocky, though.


No, of course not. But seriously, you haven't lost a single game this postseason. Are you going to lose at all in October?


Wow, going all the way through the World Series undefeated -- that would be something. And how does all of this make you feel?


Yea, we'd be dancing too. 

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