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Kate Upton urges #FinalVote voters to 'keep it in the family' and choose Justin Upton

By 4 p.m. on Thursday, tens of millions of votes will have been cast by fans looking to add one last name to each of this year's All-Star Game rosters through MLB's #FinalVote. In the National League, Justin Morneau hopped out to an early lead, trailed by Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs and Braves outfielder Justin Upton. 

While Marlins third baseman Casey McGehee seems to have the international vote all locked up (he's big in Japan), Upton is looking to get some leverage thanks to an endorsement from a young lady who shares his surname ... a Ms. Kate Upton.

The actress/model/2011 Celebrity softball game participant/on-again, off-again girlfriend of Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander tweeted in support of the other Upton, urging baseball fans to "keep it in the family."

And so it shall come to pass ...