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Listen to Ken Griffey Jr. explain why he wasn't mad when his son destroyed the family TV with a bat

While Ken Griffey Jr.'s oldest son, Trey, may see his future on the gridiron, there's always a chance that baseball will come calling for him. And no, not just because the Mariners selected him with the 717th pick of the 2016 MLB Draft -- despite not actually playing baseball in college. Rather, it's because of a kind-of scouting report the elder Griffey gave during his Hall of Fame induction speech. 

Griffey explained that while they were sitting on the couch, Trey took a bat and "hit the TV." When his Mom came running in, she wasn't just mad at Trey, she was mad at Jr. for not being mad at his son. Griffey's response, "Girl, you can't teach that swing." 

If that swing is even a fraction as good as his father's, that Draft pick would look like a steal. Given that he's ranked as the 24th-best wide receiver entering the college football season, we may not get a chance to see it, though.