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Kevin Youkilis hit his 150th home run, and then the fan that caught it gave it back

It's usually better reach milestones at home. Fans are more excited to see it happen. The whole event has an air of history to it. Most importantly, you probably have a better chance to retrieve a ball from the stands, presuming it's a home run mark.

For Kevin Youkilis, the location didn't matter. As Youkilis hit his 150th career home run into the stands at Progressive Field,  a small part of him probably thought that he'd never see that ball again. Thankfully for Youk, the fan who caught the ball was kind enough to agree to return it to him -- in exchange for a meeting with the Greek God of Walks.

It's always nice when a historic ball finds its way into hands appreciative of its value. Not every famous ball has that luxury, and I'm sure Kevin Youkilis is thrilled to have it back.

-- Dakota Gardner /