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Big decision: Kid picks enjoying his Dodger Dog over receiving foul ball

We're all faced with big decisions in life. Jobs, marriage, kids, pets, cars, how big of a TV to buy, whether to go for ice cream or frozen yogurt ... we're constantly given choices to make that, over time, make up who we are as individuals.

One young fan taking in the Dodgers' 4-2 win over the Braves in Los Angeles on Friday night found himself at a crossroads after Tyler Flowers fouled a Kenta Maeda offering up the third-base line. You see, he was enjoying a tasty Dodger Dog at the time he was presented with a foul ball and ... chose the hot dog. 


Hey, getting a foul ball is a pretty cool experience that only a select few are given at a game. But then again, sandwiches are also cool. Yes, sandwich ...