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Korean megastars unite! Psy meets Ryu, takes over Dodger Stadium

Psy is an international phenomenon who, if you remember, had one of his more memorable "Gangnam Style" performances at Dodger Stadium last year.

On Tuesday, the Korean pop star returned to meet his countryman (and L.A. starter) Hyun-Jin Ryu. But you understand this is Psy, and Psy also had a few other activities on the agenda:

In the fourth inning, Psy promoted his new single "Gentleman" with a mesmerizing dance (video above).


If you don't believe us, witness Tommy Lasorda's awestruck gaze:


Photo via Jill Weisleder

You never know when you might need to pinch-hit:


Photo via Jill Weisleder

He just had to. #ISeeYou Hanley Ramirez:

And finally, Psy and the Dodgers got acquainted after the game:

Ryu, by the way, pitched the Dodgers to a 6-2 win over the Rockies -- tallying 12 strikeouts and adding an RBI single during six innings of two-run ball.

-- Matt Monagan /