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Kris Bryant made the final out of Game 7, smiling the entire time

The final out of the World Series was not necessarily an easy one. Rajai Davis, representing the tying run, stood at first base. After a 17-minute rain delay, the field was slick. Kris Bryant had to sprint in to field Michael Martinez's grounder, and his foot even slipped out from under him as he fired the ball to Anthony Rizzo.

And yet Bryant was smiling the entire time, like he knew he was about to clinch the Cubs' 8-7 victory and their first World Series in 108 years:


"Oh man, I knew he was fast, I knew I had to get rid of it," Bryant told Tom Verducci after the game. "It's wet out here, the longest game ever -- that's one of the best games anybody'll ever see."

No, there was no doubt how Bryant felt about being the one to make the final out.

"This trumps everything. I'm out here crying, man. I am so happy. I can't even really put into words how this feels."