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Kris Bryant spent his last game (for now) as a Minor Leaguer mashing a home run

On Thursday evening, while the world flipped from "Scandal" to the Giants-D-backs game, collectively unaware that something monumental was about to mark the day in history, news broke that the Cubs would likely call up prospect Kris Bryant to the Major Leagues (though the club has not yet confirmed). And just like that, Bryant-mania was in full swing. 

While everyone will celebrate Bryant's upcoming debut a little differently (I, for example, ate a half gallon of ice cream for dinner), there was only one way Kris Bryant himself could possibly celebrate his callup: By mashing a home run.

Bryant's three-run round-tripper was his third of the 2015 MiLB season and brought his Minor League total to 55. Bryant probably didn't know he was going to get the call while he was playing, but it's almost as if he could sense, on some level, that Thursday's game would be his last for Iowa (for now, at least) and he wanted to go out with a bang.


He's come a long way since the humble beginnings of 2013 and his first professional homer:

And, with the home run out of his system, Bryant was free to celebrate his upcoming debut in the usual ways.