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Kris Bryant proves that even All-Stars get annoyed with their parents during adorable Derby moment

The Home Run Derby is a lot of things. It's a place for massive, world-beating dingers to get blasted deep into the night, for athletes to cheat on their diets and, perhaps best of all, it's a time for family togetherness. 

From Joc Pederson's brother, Champ:

To Prince Fielder's son providing the necessary mid-round nourishment


But perhaps the best moment came during Kris Bryant's first-round performance. After finishing his round and getting ready to step back into the box for his extra time after hitting a home run beyond the necessary 425 feet, his BP pitcher wasn't ready. 

That BP pitcher was also his dad. 


That should look familiar to you. After all, you probably did the same thing when you were 5 years old and trying to show off a sweet cannonball, when you were 16 years old and trying to convince your old man to lend you the car and at 25, when he was telling the clerk your life story.