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Kyle Schwarber hit his longest home run in the Cubs' biggest game of the season

Kyle Schwarber hits his longest HR in biggest game

Kyle Schwarber is a man who epitomizes big. Looking at his large, strapping neck, you know it must be a nightmare to purchase dress shirts that don't cut into his trachea. And his large biceps mean he's probably constantly tearing through his sleeves. 

But while his sartorial choices are probably limited, it turns out his muscular build helps him on the field. In the top of the first of the NL Wild Card Game presented by Budweiser, the Cubs' catcher/outfielder (he played right on Wednesday night) inside-outted a single into left field to score Dexter Fowler, breaking the deadlock. 

Two innings later, he was back again. Only this time, he would not settle for a mere single. Instead, Schwarber lifted the ball all the way out of the ballpark in Pittsburgh with a blast over the Clemente Wall. Instead of a bat flip, the hulking, goateed slugger threw his bat into the ground. Surprisingly, the ground did not shake. 

Given Schwarber's penchant for going large, Statcast™ measured the blast at 111 mph and projected it to land a whopping 450 feet from the plate.

This wasn't just Schwarber hitting a massive blast in the biggest game of the Cubs' season though (one which the Cubs won, 4-0) -- it was also his longest of the year. His previous high was a 448-foot homer against the Phillies: 

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